Social Services

These services are for patients of the Clinic but can be accessed on a case by case basis by individuals waiting for services or that have been discharged from hospital services to ensure continuity of care.

The Social Worker helps people deal with the day-to-day problems that reduce the ability to cope and function at an optimal level in personal and family relationships, at work, at school and in the community. The Social Worker focuses on the social and emotional as well as economic factors that contribute to overall health and social well-being.

The Social Worker plays a critical role in the provision of services at the French River Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic providing counselling services. Examples of counselling topics include:

  • Depression
  • Stress/anxiety
  • Coping with grief and loss
  • Marital/Relationship
  • Work/School related problems
  • Addictions

Additionally, the Social Worker can help by:

  • Assist with coping with a chronic disease
  • Enhance problem-solving, coping and developmental capacities of individuals.
  • Resource and link people with systems and supports that offer resources, services and opportunities for the individual’s unique needs.
  • STOP (smoking cessation) program

Patients are referred to the Social Worker by the Nurse Practitioners when:

    • they are in need of short-term support to mobilise existing strengths/ resources, to be referred and connections to other community resources, and to advocate for needed services.
    • they are in need of connecting with the broader mental health system for more intensive interventions.