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Satisfaction Survey on the quality of services and care & Needs Analysis for Health Promotion 2013

The French River Nurse Practitioner Led-Clinic (NP Clinic) is continually striving to improve the quality of its services. In particular, the clinic is continuing to develop health promotion and community programs to address the needs of the residents of French River. We firmly believe that our patients’ input helps us improve the quality of our care and services and plan better community programs. That is why we invited them to complete this survey in order to let us know their experience as a client of the NP Clinic’s services, their satisfaction with the services they receive at the NP Clinic, and their needs in the area of health promotion programs. The results of this survey will guide our planning of care and services by including our patients’ point of view. The survey was anonymous and all results will be presented to our patients and the community.

The survey consisted of 45 questions:

  • 34 questions on satisfaction with the quality of services and care at the NP Clinic;
  • 11 questions on the needs in the area of health promotion.

Surveys were drafted and distributed in both French and English.

Pulled from our EMR, we printed a list of all clients who received our services in order to keep track of who received the survey. Over the summer months (July-August-September), we distributed 172 surveys to our patients in person when they came to their appointments. At the end of September, we did a mail out of 150 remaining surveys to reach as many clients as possible (all clients over 16 years of age with valid addresses).

Patients could then drop off their survey at the Clinic or mail in their response. Collection of surveys occurred from July until December 31st 2013.

We also included a form that could be submitted separately from the survey (to ensure anonymity) to enter a draw for prizes, express interest in volunteering with the NP Clinic and signing up for our newsletter. Five (5) participants received a cheque for $45, thanks to contributions from 3 local businesses.

Results and Recommendations
We will be using the results to guide our strategic planning, our Quality Improvement Plan and further development of programs for our community.

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